Rutter’s Plants Roots in Blair County!

Today, we opened our 1st store in Blair county and our 68th store location! The new Rutter’s is located at 935 Plank Road in Duncansville, a suburb of Altoona, PA.

The Duncansville Rutter’s is 7,850 square feet and has 16 auto fueling stations and 5 dedicated high-speed truck diesel bays. The new Rutter’s will employ 50 team members and operate 24 hours a day, all year long.  The store features an award-winning food and beverage menu, a dining area with room to seat 30 guests, free Wi-Fi, and world class convenience.  The new store also has an application in for a beer license, and hopes to soon open the world-famous Rutter’s “29-degree Beer Cave” with an extensive selection of domestic, premium, craft, and import brands.

“We are excited to open another location in a new county, and market area.  Customers have requested we expand into the Altoona area for years, and we are glad we can continue to make it happen with another new store opening” said Derek Gaskins, Rutter’s Chief Customer Officer.

There will be a Grand Opening event on Thursday, July 20th from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm. Delicious food samples, promotional giveaways, and much more will be available for attendees.

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Kirsten Stanley

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  1. 1st July 2017 | Ellen says: Reply
    It's about time Sheetz got some competition. Everyone is sick of them. A week before a Holiday gas goes up. 2 days after back down. Welcome Rutters to Duncansville,PA
  2. 1st July 2017 | mary smith says: Reply
    Stopped in this evening. Very nice! Wishing your company the best in this area. Coffee was delicious. I'll be back soon. Thank you.
  3. 3rd July 2017 | Nelson says: Reply
    Thank you so much for coming to the Altoona area (Duncansville). Sheetz has controlled/manipulated gas prices in this area and has made the citizens in surrounding towns suffer for it.
  4. 5th July 2017 | Theresa says: Reply
    glad to have a new face in town, welcome to Blair Country Ruttet's
  5. 5th July 2017 | Theresa says: Reply
    Glad to see a new face in town Welcome to Blair Country Rutter's
  6. 6th July 2017 | Scott says: Reply
    Roaring springs pa needs a rutters. Lots of truck traffic in this town and u cant stop anywhere with a truck to eat. Love rutters truck freindly stores.thanks.
  7. 13th July 2017 | Vicky A Berkheimer says: Reply
    Welcome Rutter's! Glad to see some competition for Sheetz! Hope your food is better quality and you listen to your customers and care about their opinions!
  8. 18th July 2017 | Vincent Weidlich says: Reply
    The food is awesome, excellent quality, great price, nice selection and I love the rewards, we need more Rutters!!!
  9. 18th July 2017 | Melanie says: Reply
    Was at Rutter's totally awesome, glad to see there is competition for sheetz, hope rutter's comes into bedford County pa! Food was delicious and great friendly people that work there!

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