Career Progression Opportunities

Rutter’s continually aims to retain extraordinary talent by promoting from within the organization.

Many Store Managers and Restaurant Managers began their career as a Team Member or in a Premium Leadership position.  A number of the employees at the corporate office began their career as Team Members and advanced on to Management and Supervisor roles.  While some of these employees had prior retail or food service experience or education, many had no prior work background before coming to Rutter’s.  Progressing through the company is often achieved by demonstrating the ability to demonstrate great people skills and willingness to learn and assume responsibility.

Management Positions

Rutter’s Farm Stores is hiring individuals interested in Convenience Store Management and Restaurant Management.  Not only do these full-time positions offer an industry leading annual salary and bonus program, but also the opportunity to be challenged and to manage others.  These leadership roles are high-energy, highly-detailed, and critically focused upon providing superb customer service.  Store Managers work a minimum of 49 hours per week and are paid an annual salary.  Restaurant Managers are paid on a salary or hourly basis, depending on the store assignment.  Hourly Restaurant Managers work a minimum of 45 hours per week and receive time-and-a-half for hours worked beyond 40 in the weekly pay period.

Premium Positions

These positions are designed for Team Members who demonstrate the ability and interest in growing within the company. Extra compensation is provided for assuming these duties. We offer the following Premium Positions:

  • Assistant Store Managers – Assists the Store Manager in effective managing the day to day operation of the store.    Assures that all aspects of the business operate smoothly on their appointed shift.
  • Retail Shift Leaders – Manages the store and staff during the second shift.
  • Backup – Serves as replacement manager for a specific store function, acting as Person-In-Charge during the absence of regular store management.
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager – Assists the Restaurant Manager in organizing, scheduling, and controlling the preparation of food from beginning to end. Duties include ordering, scheduling, selling, and tracking all food and food related items during their scheduled shift.
  • Restaurant Shift Leaders – Manages the store and staff during the second shift.

Team Member Positions

If you enjoy working with the public, a busy working environment, flexible scheduling, competitive pay, teamwork, and the chance to advance your career, then part-time work at Rutter’s may be right for you!  Team Members (sales clerks) are paid at an hourly rate, with hours varying from week to week based on your desire and store needs.  There are many opportunities for Team Members to work in a premium leadership role or third shift with a pay premium, as well.  There is even a chance to earn college tuition for area colleges while working part time.  Many students find part-time employment a wonderful way to begin their career.  Student employees regularly work with management to determine reasonable schedules so they can maintain their school commitments. 

Work Schedules for Team Members

  • Managers work with Team Members to identify a schedule that is mutually acceptable.
  • Our normal work schedule includes weekends and holidays.
  • Schedules are required to be posted no later than Friday for the upcoming week.
  • Shift start and end times may vary from time to time, depending on the day of the week and specific store employment needs.

General Job Duties for Team Members

  • Providing great customer service
  • Preparing coffee and food
  • Cleaning inside and outside of the store
  • Restocking cooler, freezer, and shelves
  • Emptying trash containers and picking up outside trash
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment
  • Checking in vendors
  • Treating our customers as a guest 

Orientation Training

The initial hours of training consists of attending an orientation session held at the Rutter’s Training Center in York.  This session provides company background, job expectations, and exposure to Rutter’s policies and procedures.

Team Members will then receive one week of hands-on-training under the guidance of the assigned store management, which has proven to be very effective for easing the transition into the role.

On-going Training through the Rutter’s Training Academy

Training is provided throughout every employee’s career at Rutter’s.  We strive to give every individual the opportunity to grow and advance within our organization.  Employees with ambitions of advancement and who show a strong work ethic will be given these opportunities through the Rutter’s Academy.

The Rutter’s Academy is designed to provide you with the technical and leadership skills needed to move through a career at Rutter’s.  Our goal is to develop leaders capable of delivering consistent, world class service to our customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is expected of me on the job?

A: Providing world class customer service is our #1 expectation. If you become a part of the Rutter’s team, you will be a Rutter’s ambassador to our customers. Fast, friendly, and courteous service to every customer is an expectation that cannot be compromised.

Q: What would my work schedule be like?

A: Your Manager will discuss your desired work schedule and attempt to identify a schedule that is mutually acceptable. Our normal work schedule includes weekends and holidays. Schedules are posted no later than Friday for the upcoming week.

Q: How often would I get paid?

A: Pay day is once a week on a Friday.

Q: What can I wear to work?

A: We have a Store Dress and Personal Appearance Policy. Employees must wear shirts, caps, and name tags which have been provided by the company. Slacks or jeans are acceptable. For employee safety and as a part of Rutter’s dress code, we require employees to wear approved slip-resistant shoes purchased from Shoes for Crews. New employees are required to purchase the shoes within 3 weeks of their hire date.  Wedding sets are the only rings permitted to be worn when working in the food service area.   Watches and bracelets are not permitted in the food service area. The following jewelry is not permitted: Nose Rings, Eyebrow Rings, Ear Stretcher Rings, Plugs, Lip Rings, Cheek Rings, Chin Rings.  Tongue Rings are acceptable but during working hours clear retainers must be worn.  Other jewelry including earrings and necklaces, are permitted for males and females as long as they comply with all food safety requirements and pose no threat to the employee’s safety or job performance.  Large hoop earrings are considered a safety hazard and should not be worn.

Q: Does Rutter’s promote from within?

A: Yes, Rutter’s prides itself on promoting from within. Over 200 employees have over five years of service with Rutter’s and over 35 have over 20 years of service.

Q: How long do I have to be with the company to be promoted?

A: At any time during their Rutter’s career, employees who demonstrate ability and interest in growing with the company can be recommended for entry into the Rutter’s Academy career development   program.  Let us know your GOALS!

Q: Can I work in the food area and the register area?

A: Our goal is to have everyone cross–trained, but if someone has more interest in one area we will try to honor that request.

Rutter’s is an Equal Opportunity Employer, considers all positions without discrimination as to race, color, age (over 40), sex, national origin, non job-related disability, religion or any other legally protected characteristic. Any offer of employment is contingent on the successful completion of a urine test for illegal drugs. Offers will be rescinded in the event of a positive result.

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