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2020 Charitable Giving

Rutter’s Closes 2020 with Over $800,000 in Charitable Donations!

Rutter’s and Rutter’s Children’s Charities proudly announced that their annual charitable donations reached over $800,000 in 2020.

Rutter’s, in conjunction with their charity, holds several fundraising events and programs throughout the year as a way for Rutter’s employees, suppliers, and customers to participate in charitable giving throughout their communities. Annual fundraising events include: Rutter’s Children’s Charities Golf Outing, Rutter’s Rewards Schools, and Rutter’s charity cannister program. These fundraising dollars, along with Rutter’s corporate charitable contributions, are used to help local charities with specific needs or projects throughout the year. “We were very fortunate to be in the position to continue our charitable giving throughout 2020,” said Chris Hartman, President of Rutter’s Children’s Charities. “It was a difficult year for many people and organizations, so we’re excited to continue our support of children, families, and our local communities that we serve.”

Rutter’s recently donated a total of $30,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Harrisburg, York Academy Foundation, and the Bedford County Regional Education Foundation. These monies will be used to support the children and students that these organizations serve. “I want to sincerely thank Rutter’s for selecting the Boys and Girls Club of Harrisburg as the recipient of their EITC donation,” stated Pennsylvania State Representative for the district, Patty Kim. “I know the generous funds will be put to good use as the Club helps nurture and provide a safe place for students after school. I also want to thank Rep. Greg Rothman for suggesting the club in my legislative district. This is a quiet show of bi-partisan work that not many people get to witness. I’m grateful for this teamwork that will ultimately benefit our students!”
Rutter’s charitable giving in 2020 also included over $230,000 in food donations to the Central PA Food Bank’s Retail Donation Program, in the form of prepared subs, sandwiches, bakery items, and milk and tea products.

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