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Rutter’s Eggnog is Here!

Looking for a treat that will help make the season even more merry and bright? Then look no further than Rutter’s Eggnog! If you have not had Eggnog before, now is the time to try it! Eggnog is a rich, sweet, creamy, dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks with origins dating back to the 1700’s. This is a delicacy that our Dairy whips up ever holiday season. Rutter’s Eggnog can be enjoyed straight or used as a mixer. Check out some great Eggnog recipes on our Rutter’s Dairy site.

You can purchase it in half gallons, quarts, and pints at any of our 69 store locations!

National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month, which started in 1937 as a way to simply promote drinking milk. It was initially created to stabilize the dairy demand when production was at a surplus, but has now transitioned into an annual tradition that celebrates the contributions the dairy industry has made in the world. Dairy products are a natural nutrient powerhouse. From being packed with protein for active muscle recovery to vitamin A to help uphold healthy skin, dairy product’s health benefits are as great as it tastes.

This month we celebrate our dairy and all of the great products that they produce! Check out the Dairy’s website to find out more information:

York Fair 2016 Supreme Champion

4 generations of the Rutter’s Family won the Supreme Champion award at the 2016 York Fair!

This award is given out to the best cow and best heifer of all the breeds. The Champion Guernsey, Champion Holstein, Champion Brown Swiss, and Champion of all other breeds at the show compete in a Best of Show Competition. The Supreme Champion is the Best of Show Award.

Heifers are cows that do not yet give milk and cows are ones that do give milk. Therefore, the Rutter’s were awarded for the youngest and the oldest cows.

Congratulations to the Rutter’s Family!

Recent Dairy Awards

2015 York Fair


During the 2015 York Fair, Rutter’s showed 6 registered Guernsey cows. In total, we won 12 first place ribbons. Throughout the show, the cows were judged in individual classes as well as several group classes, such as pairs or trios. Some of the categories we won were for Jr Champion, Jr Reserve Champion, and Grand Champion. Grand Champion is the highest award possible. On show day, we had 4 generations of the Rutter family either attending or showing at the show.

2016 PA Farm Show

This farm show was extra special because it marks the start of the fifth generations of Rutter’s to have participated, and it marks the second set of Rutter’s twins to be there. At the 2016 Pennsylvania Farm Show, Rutter’s showed 5 registered Guernsey heifers. Throughout the PA Farm Show, Rutter’s received 5 first place ribbons for Jr Champion, Reserve Jr Champion, and Honorable Mention Jr Champion. During the PA Farm Show, daily prizes in the Good Housekeeping contest were awarded. This is based off the cleanliness of the animals, track area, and the farm’s display. Rutter’s also donated an animal for the legislative showmanship contest.

All American Nominations

Each year, the Guernsey Breeders Association picks the 6 best animals nationwide in 14 different age groups. This year we had 3 different animals receive nominations in the respective age categories.

It’s Eggnog Season

It’s Egg Nog Season

Ah egg nog…the official drink of the holiday season. The first swig of the sweet dairy and nutmeg drink floods our palates with refreshment, and pulls in memories of family, friends, and who could forget snow days!


Egg nog was first created in the 1700’s to combine milk and eggs over heat. Without refrigeration both of these items were hard to keep for more than a few days. By combining the two using heat, a solution was created to preserve both for longer periods of time. Egg nog was also a representation of the wealthy. Back in the 1700’s those who had milk and eggs owned a farm, which was very costly to operate. Often times most people were able to afford either eggs or milk, but not both

Rutter’s Egg Nog

The most common egg nog recipes call for milk, heavy cream, nutmeg, and of course eggs. This has been the standard recipe for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. This is also the way most families make their own egg nog for holiday gatherings. Since this recipe has stood the test of time this is why Rutter’s chose to use the same recipe for their egg nog. Rutter’s chose to stand by this tried and true recipe, and use the highest quality ingredients to offer customers the best egg nog on the market.

Come visit your local Rutter’s store and get your egg nog today!

What is the Whole Truth About Whole Milk

What is the Whole Truth About Whole Milk?

What is the Whole Truth About Whole Milk?

Over the years it seems as if food regulations are always changing. One year a certain food item that has been deemed to boost metabolism may be under investigation the following year for actually doing the opposite. Recently, whole milk has been brought back into the spotlight, and is being put in the hot seat to see if it’s really as bad as they say it is.

The Findings

Times magazine and Washington Post recently published articles bringing forth evidence that sheds new light about whole milk. While it does have a higher concentration of saturated-fats it also contains higher amounts of vitamins and nutrients. While it is true whole milk does contain a higher number of calories than low-fat and non-fat milk, evidence shows that those who drink whole milk are less likely to become obese. The findings also show there isn’t a link between saturated dairy fat and cardiovascular disease or Type 2 diabetes.

How Could This Be?

Whole milk is considered to be a nutrient rich food. This means that there is a bunch of micronutrients packed into each calorie. With so many nutrients this allows the consumer to feel fuller for a longer period of time. So instead of consuming a glass of low-fat milk and feeling the pang of hunger for a breakfast sandwich an hour later, consuming a glass of whole milk will sustain you for longer and potentially not needing an snack or pick-me-up throughout the day. Another hypothesis why whole milk is not linked with cardiovascular disease is because micronutrients found in whole milk produce more energy for our bodies which will increase metabolism. By increasing metabolism this ultimately gives a whole milk consumer more energy to exercise and participate in activities. With increased activity this ultimately leads to a healthier heart.

What’s The Catch?

As with every food, whole milk is good in moderation. A person could not be sustained on whole milk alone and receive all the key vitamins and nutrients their body needs. A balanced diet of fruits, proteins, and vegetables in cohesion with whole milk are what the studies in Times and the Washington Post were examining. With the USDA re-examining food guidelines and portioning with the ever changing American diet, it will be interesting to hear what new unveiling they have for whole-milk consumers.

For more information about Whole Milk check out these interesting articles:

Why Full-Fat Dairy May Be Healthier Than Low-Fat

For decades, the government steered millions away from whole milk. Was that wrong?

One Tea…Endless Possibilities

One Tea…Endless Possibilities!

Rutter’s Unsweetened Iced Tea… A healthy choice for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Unsweetened Iced Tea is a black tea blend with a bold, smooth flavor in a convenient take home package!

Sweeten or flavor it YOUR WAY!

Add sweetener, 100% fruit juice, syrup, honey or spices.


June is National Dairy Month

Rutter’s Dairy History

Rutter’s Dairy got its start in York County in 1747, when Springetts Penn, grandson of Pennsylvania’s founder William Penn, deeded land to the Rutter family.

Today, under the third generation of family leadership, Rutter’s Dairy delivers dairy products throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Our Products

Rutter’s Dairy produces Central Pennsylvania’s favorite milk, chocolate milk and iced tea products.

All of Rutter’s milk is produced on local farms and comes from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones.

Rutter’s milk has been voted Best Milk for 13 years straight in the York Daily Record/Sunday News Best of York reader’s poll. Last year, Rutter’s improved both of its chocolate milk products and several iced tea products by removing high fructose corn syrup and replacing it with real sugar.

New Look!

We recently transformed the design of our half gallon bottles of milk, iced tea and orange juice products, as part of our continued commitment to innovative packaging. Our new modern package pays homage to our old-fashioned glass milk bottles. The new bottle’s clear plastic material allows you to easily see the liquid product before making the purchase!

Snow Day Homemade Ice Cream with Rutter’s Milk!

snow-ice-cream-snow-creamStep 1: Fill a gallon bowl with snow or crushed ice.

Step 2: Add about 6 tablespoons of salt to the snow or ice. Mix for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Mix these ingredients in a bag then place in the bowl with the snow and salt:
• 1/2 Cup of Rutter’s Half & Half or milk
• 1 Tablespoon Sugar
• 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Step 4: Wait 5-8 minutes for the mixture to freeze into ice cream.

Step 5: When it feels frozen enough to eat, remove the inner bag and rinse it well with water to remove any salt.

Step 6: Grab a spoon and eat the ice cream right out of the bag!