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Vote With Your Dollars

Rutter’s offers several charitable programs each year throughout our service area. These program dollars, along with Rutter’s corporate charitable contributions, are used to help local charities with specific needs or projects. We let our customers decide which charities receive the funding. The fundraising monies are distributed in order based on customer votes, total dollars, and project requested dollars. In 2018, we were able to fully fund the projects of the top 2 winners, Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and Virginia and the Adams County SPCA!

Current Standings

How Vote With Your Dollars Works

How to for customers:

The Vote With Your Dollars program allows Rutter’s VIP customers to choose which local charity they will support through their purchases at any Rutter’s location. During the program time period, currently April 1, 2019 thru October 31, 2019, every dollar an individual spends using their VIP account, at the pump or inside the store, counts as a vote for the charity they have selected.

To select a charity, simply login to your VIP account using the Rutter’s Mobile App or online at Then select the ‘Vote With Your Dollars’ tab to see this year’s list of participating charities. Organizations request funding for a specific capital project. For instance, new equipment, special project funding (like backpacks for schools), or to grant wishes. You can browse the charity’s requests by selecting that charity and reading their request information. Once you select your favorite charity, click the ‘Support selected charity’ button. You can watch your charity’s progress throughout the program by visiting and selecting ‘Vote With Your Dollars’ from the ‘Community’ menu.

How to for companies/charities:

To apply to be included in the Vote With Your Dollars program, an organization must meet the following criteria:

  • 501(c)3 tax exempt business status required
  • Request must be used for a capital project, assets, or other large purchase; may not be used for operating expenses
  • Must be a local charity or local brand of the national charity

We are currently accepting applications for the 2020 program. To apply, please complete the online application form with the appropriate documentation. Applications to participate in the 2020 Vote With Your Dollars program will be accepted through March 1, 2020.

Rutter’s Donation Committee will select the participating organizations from the total group of applicants. The organizations selected will have from April 1, 2020 thru October 31, 2020 to collect the most votes to win the funding.

How Does My Organization Get Votes?

The more people that vote for your organization and make purchases at Rutter’s using their VIP card, the more votes you receive. The organizations with the most votes get their projects funding. So get the word out!

How? Hang posters at your facility and events, create handouts for distribution at events, and send letters or emails to your current members and donors.

Sample Letter
Sample Poster

It’s easy for your supporters to sign-up. Simply grab a VIP card from any Rutter’s location and register online at After registration, have them follow the steps outlined above or in the materials provided.

Already a VIP member? Go online or to the Rutter’s app and follow the steps above or in the materials provided to select your charity. The more people that vote for your organization and swipe their card or enter VIP credentials when making purchases at Rutter’s, the more money you could raise for your organization. It’s that easy!

Good luck!

2018 Vote With Your Dollars Recipients

Make-A-Wish Greater PA & VA Adams County SPCA

Our 2019 Participants

  • Adams County SPCA
  • Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation
  • Family First Health
  • Hoffman Homes for Youth
  • Indian Steps – Museum
  • Leg Up Farm
  • Make-A-Wish Greater PA & WV
  • UPMC Pinnacle Memorial
  • York County Food Bank
  • York Habitat for Humanity


Not a Rutter’s Rewards Member or VIP?

  1. Pick up a card at any Rutter’s Location.
  2. Click here to enroll your card
  3. Enter the member # and 3 digit security code on your card.
  4. Create a 4 digit passcode.
  5. Enter your 10 digit phone #.