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Rutter's Community

Rutter's Children's Charities

Rutter’s Children’s Charities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded by Rutter’s to benefit children in our communities.

Since 2003, Rutter’s and Rutter’s Children’s Charities, have donated nearly $9.8 million to organizations dedicated to comforting, educating, inspiring, and making a positive impact on the children in the communities we serve.

We invest in future generations by giving children the opportunity to learn and grow with the hope that someday they will give back and help others. We believe that our donations have improved the lives of countless children and their families across the region.

Rutter's vote with your dollars

Vote With Your Dollars program helps local charities meet their capital campaigns and fundraising goals!

Each year, Rutter’s Children’s Charities selects a group of Rutter’s employees to choose a worthy charity for a $1,000 donation. The program began in 2016, and has donated more than $282,000 over the years.

Rutter's Donation and Sponsorship

If you would like to request a product or gift card donation or are inquiring with a sponsorship opportunity, please use the request form below. 

Rutter's Fundraising

Rutter’s Fundraising Coupon Books are an easy, effective, and fast way to earn money for community organizations, youth groups, booster clubs, or sports teams. Fundraising Coupon Books can be requested by filling out an application. Each fundraising book will be purchased from Rutter’s for $5 and sold for $10. That is 100% profit to the organization!

Rutter's Scholarship

Rutter’s provides college scholarships to our employees and children of employees, many of whom aspire to pursue a college education. Rutter’s feels that furthering one’s education helps to make you more valuable when entering the workforce.

Rutter's Donation Canister

At each of our locations, Rutter’s provides charity canisters for customers to join in our efforts to benefit and improve the lives of children in our communities. Customer have the ability to make monetary donations in these canisters, which are collected and distributed monthly to participating charities.

Making A Difference