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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

May 17, 2021

Rutter’s follows the guidance of our state and federal health officials, including the most recent CDC guidelines. Our employees are required to wear a face covering, by policy, unless they are fully vaccinated or have a documented medical exemption that does not allow them to wear one. By law, we cannot disclose an employee’s vaccination status or medical exemption publicly. Rutter’s also has signage reminding customers to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and to utilize hand cleaning stations. We also offer customers a face covering in the event they enter without one. Not all customers are required to wear face coverings. This is because a customer may be fully vaccinated or have a health concern that does not allow them to wear a face covering. By law, we cannot require them to disclose if they are fully vaccinated or what their health concern is to us and it actually can be illegal to deny a sale to a person not wearing a mask under health privacy laws. Please know that we do not write the laws and we understand they seem to conflict with each other. However, we’ve received confirmation from the PA Department of Health that our procedures and signage for mask enforcement is in compliance with the law.