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Just in Time for National Dairy Month


Rutter’s Dairy has made several healthy changes to our chocolate milk, tea and half & half products just in time for National Dairy Month!

We eliminated high fructose corn syrup from our chocolate milk and replaced it with  natural sugar!

Natural sugar has also replaced high fructose corn syrup in several of our iced tea products.

Rutter’s Green Tea, Orange Tea and Lemonade were improved by making the switch to natural sugar.

We also introduced a brand new product, Half & Half Tea, half lemonade and half iced tea, which was created using natural sugar as its sweetener.

Our Half & Half creamer is now also offered as a fresh-pasteurized product.

Our original Half & Half was ultra pasteurized, which allowed the creamer to be sold for up to 65 days from the date of its production.  The new, fresh-pasteurized product has a sell by date 17 days from its production, the same as our milk products. The new pasteurization process allows the product to be bottled in its purest form, without the use of stabilizers or preservatives.

Finally, we put our dairy products in clear containers. We wanted to give consumers the ability to see the product they’re purchasing!  

Rutter’s Dairy has been a household name in Central Pennsylvania since its beginning in 1921.