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Local Brewery Partners

Flying Dog Brewery

Fredrick, MD

Flying Dog Brewery began in 1990 in Colorado and then moved to their current, larger, state-of-the-art brewing facility in Maryland in 1994. As of 2017, they were the 28th largest craft brewery in the United States. Flying Dog Brewery was founded by a physicist with degrees from California Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Institute of Technology. They offer a variety of beers including Snake Dog IPA and Gonzo Imperial Porter.



Troegs Independent Brewing

Hershey, PA

Troegs Independent Brewing was founded by two brothers in 1996. They chose the word Troegs because it combined their last name (Trogner) with kroeg, the Flemish word for pub. Today, Troegs offers over 10 beers year-round, over 15 beers seasonally, and 10 different beers that are part of their splinter series. They support local vendors, producers and causes. Troegs prides themselves on partnering with local charitable organizations.

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Yards Brewing Company

Philadelphia, PA

Yards Brewing Company began in 1994 by two college friends. Their motto is ‘Brew Unto Others’, which reflects their commitment to community, quality, and sustainability. Yards Brewing Company offers over 15 different beers, both seasonally and year-round. Two of their beers, Philadelphia Pale Ale and Brawler are nationally recognized ales. Yards Brewing Company takes pride on a balanced portfolio of quality.

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Lancaster Brewing Company

Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Brewing Company opened in 1995. They take full advantage of the Lancaster County land with the fresh country air, pure water, and rich, non-irrigated farmland. Lancaster Brewing Company works alongside independent farmers, old-world craftsmen, and more than 3,500 local farms. They produce over 20 different beers including Milk Stout, Lancaster Pale Ale, Strawberry Wheat Beer, and Hop Hog.



Victory Brewing Company

Dowington, PA

Victory Brewing Company began brewing and selling beer in 1996. Their facility grew from a 144-seat restaurant to a 300-seat restaurant and produced over 125,000 barrels of beer in 2014. Victory Brewing Company offers 10 year-round beers and over 15 specialty and seasonal beers. They sell beer in 35 states (including D.C.) and 9 countries. 3,250 tons of spent grain was used to feed hungry local farm animals in 2015.

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Yuengling Brewery

Pottsville, PA

Yuengling Brewery is America’s Oldest Brewing dating back to 1829. They offer over eight different beers including both seasonal and year-round ales. Today, Yuengling Brewery is on their sixth generation of the family-owned and operated business. They strive for sustainability by giving spent grain to local farmers, using byproducts for on-site power and heat, and purchasing materials and ingredients locally, just to name a few.

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Pittsburgh Brewing Company

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Brewing Company began in 1861 and is still committed to their deep roots in the Pittsburgh community, innovation, strong tradition, and brewing great beer. They value the quality in the ingredients, the people they hire, the vendors they work with, and every beer they brew. Pittsburgh Brewing Company is known for their traditional beers of Pittsburgh, including Iron City and I.C. Light.

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Wyndridge Farm Brewing

Dallastown, PA

Wyndridge Farm Brewing is York County’s first and largest hard cidery, craft brewery, and restaurant. They offer six year-round flagship beers and ciders, two farm-crafted sodas, and several seasonal draft only beers and ciders. Wyndridge Farm Brewing is a wholesale facility and sells craft beverages in over nine states (including D.C.). They build their brand on quality, consistency, and locally sourced products and have an emphasis on family, friends, and farm life.

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