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Local Produce Farms

Baywater Farms

Salisbury, MD

Baywater Farms uses the same farming techniques started in 1860 by Ephraim Holloway. Today, the farm is owned by Robert Holloway. He took over the farm in the 1990’s, and over the years, his passion for growing local heirloom produce has led to the growth and expansion of over 1,000 acres. Baywater Farms is a six generation company. Rutter’s currently partners with Baywater Farms to offer heirloom tomatoes in their stores.


Hale Farms

Salisbury, MD

In 1955, Donald Hale started Hale Farms at the age of 16. He began working with his father selling produce at roadside stands and farmers markets. Donald joined other watermelon growers in Maryland and Delaware to form the Mar-Del Watermelon Association. Today, Donald works alongside with his son, Will, in the daily operations. Rutter’s currently partners with Hale Farms to offer cut watermelon in their stores.


Stauffer Huling Farms

Chambersburg, PA

Stauffer Huling Farms provide locally grown produce by partnering with farms built on grower sustainability. Some of the farms Stauffer Huling Farms work with are Benedict’s Produce, Country Gardens, Hess Farms, Little Mountain Farms, and Shady Grove Farms. Rutter’s currently partners with Stauffer Huling Farms to offer sweet onions and green peppers from their food service kiosks and whole squash in their stores.

C&M Mushrooms

Avondale, PA

C&M Mushrooms is owned and operated by brothers Charles and Matthew Cardile. C&M Mushrooms has been in the family for four generations. They offer varieties of mushrooms such as White, Portabellas, Crimini, Oysters, and Shiitakes. C&M Mushrooms is known for the quality that is expected to offer the best quality mushroom available. Rutter’s currently partners with C&M Mushrooms to offer mushrooms from their food service kiosks.


KSK Mushrooms

Landenberg, PA

KSK Mushrooms is owned by Keith Steven Kimmell. They employ approximately 10-19 people. Rutter’s currently partners with KSK Mushrooms to offer mushrooms from their food service kiosks.

Consalo Family Farms

Vineland, NJ

Consalo Family Farms is family owned by husband and wife Antonio and Kim Casola. The farm has been around for over 200 years. Consalo Family Farms is located on a 200 acre nursery and originated the first pick-your-own pumpkin and hayride farm. Many of the staff has been employed by Consalo Family Farms for many years. Rutter’s currently partners with Consalo Family Farms to offer blueberries in their stores.


Parker Farms

Oak Grove, VA

Parker Farms began in 1974 by Admiral Edelen Parker and his two sons. They started as a 2 acre farm of pick-your-own produce. By 2008, they now own over 3,000 acres between seven states. Parker Farms’ Oak Grove, VA facilities inspect, process, and shift local produce to major retailers and wholesalers. They are in their third generation of management. Rutter’s currently partners with Parker Farms to offer corn in their stores.