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Rutter’s Cold Brew Coffee…Not Your Standard Cold Brew!

We are incredibly excited to announce a new item to our handcrafted beverage line, Cold Brew Coffee! If you’re a fellow coffee addict like we are, this refreshing beverage will keep you cool all summer long. Rutter’s Cold Brew Coffee is made from Rainforest Alliance Certified, 100% Arabica beans. It features a rich, smooth taste and is fully customizable with fresh Rutter’s Dairy products and our vast array of syrups and sweeteners. But what makes Cold Brew different than Iced Coffee?

While regular hot coffee is brewed with water just off boiling-point, Cold brew is brewed using water at room temperature or below giving it a less bitter, smoother flavor, differentiating itself from Iced Coffee (which is simply brewed with hot water and poured over ice). Not only does it taste delicious, but cold brew has some great health benefits as well:

  • Less Acidity
    • Brewing the coffee using cold water produces coffee with much lower acidity levels, which makes it easier on many people’s digestive systems. If you have a sensitive stomach but love to drink coffee, cold brew is your new best friend. Cold brew coffee has up to 65% less acidity compared to regular coffee because there is no hot water involved that pulls out the oils carrying acid in the coffee beans. The result is a much smoother taste, so whether you have a sensitive stomach or not, you’ll love it.
  • Diet Friendly
    • Did you know 80% of consumers add dairy and/or sweetener to coffee in order to mask bitterness and acidity? Many people find they can use less of these options in Cold Brew to achieve their desired taste.  The reduction in calories can obviously be a benefit to your diet.

So now that you are a Cold Brew coffee expert, go order one at select Rutter’s locations today!