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Rutter’s Fuel

Quality You’ve Come to Expect.

For the better part of a century, the Rutter name has been synonymous with high-quality product and world-class customer service. Rutter’s gasoline is no exception. Our process to deliver the finest quality petroleum products to our customers has multiple stages to ensure high quality fuel.



It begins with gasoline that is produced by major domestic refineries. Next, the gasoline is supplemented with additives and detergents that contain agents that help prevent, diminish, and remove harmful engine deposits. Finally, a controlled environment and underground storage tanks with fuel-level monitors are used to guarantee Rutter’s gas is top quality. Rutter’s storage tanks also utilize sensitive electronic monitors and filters that continuously screen the gasoline’s condition and stop the stream if water or sediment is detected.

Because Rutter’s is committed to delivering superior gasoline that customers can rely on, Rutter’s guarantees effectiveness. If Rutter’s gasoline causes a problem, we’ll pay for the repair.



Rutter’s does not buy or refine crude oil from any country. Rutter’s buys gasoline and diesel from only major refineries in the United States. Rutter’s is committed to purchasing gasoline responsibly while providing the highest quality products to their customers. Almost all of Rutter’s petroleum product is refined from US Petroleum Production.



Rutter’s offers 87, 89, and 93 Octane E10 Gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol per gallon at all Rutter’s locations. Every gasoline-powered vehicle produced by both foreign and domestic major manufacturers since 1980 is capable of using E10 fuel. Before using E10 fuel in your motorcycle, lawnmower, small-engines, or boat, please consult your owner’s manual.

Rutter’s is continuously exploring alternative fueling options such as high content ethanol fuels (E15 and E85) and fuels that contain no ethanol. Continue to check back to see if Rutter’s begins offering these types of fuels at any Rutter’s location.

Depending on the location, Rutter’s also offers EV Charging, Kerosene, Auto-Diesel, In-Lane DEF, and Dedicated High-Speed Truck Diesel. Please check the store locator for a list of fuel types for each location.


No Account Holds by Rutter’s.

Occasionally, our customers make inquiries about charges that appear on on-line banking or voice response systems that are not equal to the amount of gasoline that was purchased. These amounts can range between $25 and $100. These are usually called “Pending Charges” or “Pre-Authorization Holds” by financial institutions. These charges are applied to the account by the customer’s bank. Rutter’s does not place these types of holds on a customer’s account.

Rutter’s follows the guidelines laid out by the credit card companies, like Visa and MasterCard, by obtaining card validation information prior to turning on the gas pump. Each financial institution handles the request for card validations in a different manner. Some will “hold” funds for fuel purchases. The amount that each bank holds, as well as how long the hold lasts, varies depending on the banks. Your financial institution will be able to provide you with their policies, which are generally found in a document called “Deposit Account Agreement” or “Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement”. If the question is related to a credit card amount, the document may be called a “Truth in Lending” or a “Credit Account Agreement”.