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SOAR Valentine’s Packages Have Landed!

We recently received a letter from a Marine Sargent saying the packages we sent through SOAR (Support Our American Recruits) have successfully arrived! These packages included snacks, chewing gum, coffee, and magazines donated by local suppliers such as Hershey’s, UTZ Snacks, Martin’s Chips, Harrisburg News, S&D Coffee, and Con-Agra Foods, as well as handmade Valentine cards from area school children and senior citizens.

“The package you sent went to a group of Marines – one of which is originally from Pennsylvania! The Valentine’s theme is especially great when we are away from our loved ones for so long! A special note on a treat brings smiles to the faces of everyone who grabs something from the box.”

“Words cannot express how thankful we are for people like yourselves and the support you provide during our deployment.  A thank you (especially accompanied by snacks and goodies from back home) goes a long way and provides us the encouragement we need to get through a long deployment,” he said.

Thank you to all of the suppliers and volunteers who helped Rutter’s and SOAR support our troops for the 12th straight year!