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How to Input Game Credit Codes in the Rutter’s App

Frequently we release game credit codes on our Facebook Page or in our Loyalty Emails for our gaming fans to use. We have received some questions as to how these credits are inputted to the app, and here’s how in 5 easy steps:

1. Log into our Rutter’s app.

2. To add your game credits, choose the “Scanner” option in the drop-down menu.

3. Once on the Scanner page, give the app permission to access to your phone’s camera.

4. You will then be able to click the “Enter Code” link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

5. Input the game code and you are ready to play!

Play Games, Win Big

Did you know that the Rutter’s app includes games where you can win free prizes? These prizes rotate, but can include anything from a free Mac and Cheese side to Free Lance Crackers. First, you will want to download the app, insert your member number (on your Rutter’s Rewards card) and create a login. After that, proceed to the “Games” button to get started!

Download the Rutter’s award winning app for FREE today! Available for the App Store, Google Play Store, and Blackberry App World.

Once you have logged in with your member number, you will be brought to the dashboard. Click on Games to start playing!

In Cow Tap, you can click on 5 cows to see what is behind them. The goal is to find matches and win prizes!

In Spin & Win, you can win prizes casino-style in a slot machine type game. You might not win as big as you would in Vegas, but winning big Rutter’s prizes are inevitable!

How to Use the App as a Rewards Card

1. Open Rutter’s app and tap the yellow “Rewards” box in the upper right corner.

select charity

2. Once opened, the app will take you to a screen that looks like this:

app as card

3. Tap on the light red tile that says “Show Barcode.”

4. Your barcode will appear. If you are having trouble scanning it at the register, try turning up the brightness of your screen. If you are still having trouble, some screen protectors and phone covers have a tinted haze or distort the beam of the scanner; this can make it difficult to scan the card from the phone.

10 Reasons to Download the Rutter’s Mobile App

  1. Receive price alerts and special offers ONLY available via the Rutter’s app.
  2. Access to our mobile app games, Spin & Win and Cow Tap to win prizes.
  3. Manage your Rutter’s Rewards account right from your phone.
  4. Use the app as your Rewards Card, no card to carry!
  5. Check gas prices.
  6. Find the location nearest you.
  7. Quickly tell us about your experience.
  8. Check in and share with Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. (Watch for check-in specials)
  9. Set your favorite stores for easy access to in-store specials.
  10. It’s FREE!

Download the Rutter’s app today!

Win Rutter’s!

We’ve made improvements to our nationally recognized, award-winning mobile app, and you’re not going to be disappointed… You can look forward to these user-friendly changes, which we developed based on your feedback, when you update to the latest version of the Rutter’s app:

  1. A new game called Cow Tap!  Tap 5 of the cows grazing in Rutter’s Dairy pastures to find out what prize they’re hiding. If 3 of the prizes match, you win that prize…everything from extra spins to coupons for free merchandise in our stores! Don’t worry, Spin and Win is still there, but now you have 2 ways to play and win!
  2. A new game means a new leader board!  We know the competition is fierce, and you want to know more details about the gaming leaders. The new app introduces a new leader board configuration, which means that you can view the leaders of each game or both games, and monthly or all-time leaders.
  3. Access to your account’s 14 day transaction history! No more guessing, the ability to keep track of the Rewards you’ve earned in the last 2 weeks is now in the palm of your hand.
  4. Let us know you’re here! With the app upgrade, you’ll be able to check-in when you arrive at all 57 of our locations.

We’ve also heard feedback from our customers who do not smart phones that they’d like to be able to play for extra spins and free merchandise.

So we’re making it possible!

If you don’t have a smart phone, log onto www.winrutters.com to play Spin and Win and Cow Tap. All you need to play is a registered Rutter’s Rewards card! Need to register your card?