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How to Check your Rutter’s Rewards Card Balance

So, you’ve been buying a lot of in-store products that earn you cents back off gas. But how do you check how many points you have to spend? There are many ways to view your rewards balance! Below are two of the easiest ways to view your balance:

1. Check your receipt

  • One of the easiest ways to view your rewards balance is to check your receipt when purchasing items in our stores. When you scan your Rutter’s Rewards Card during checkout, your current rewards balance is listed at the bottom of your receipt. It shows you how much you earned for that visit.

2. Logging in

  • Another way you can check your balance is to log in at ruttersrewards.com or to log in through our mobile app! Once you log in with your Member Number and 4 digit passcode, you will see your rewards balance. If you don’t have a 4 digit passcode, that means you have not yet registered your card. If this is the case, simply hit the “Register” button!