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Cinnabon f’real Milkshakes Now at Rutter’s

Cinnabon™ f’real Milkshakes Now at Rutter’s!

Mmm… the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Sweet icing and fresh cinnamon fill the air like a kaleidoscope of holiday magic. Wait…you can have this in a milkshake?!

That’s right, F’real Milkshakes is blending up another treat for this holiday season; a Cinnabon™ milkshake right from their blender to yours. This decadent treat will taste like Sunday morning delight as you take the first sip. The rush of cinnamon swirl will engulf your senses with the creamy smoothness a milkshake has to offer.

The Cinnabon™ milkshake is available at most Rutter’s locations day and night.  F’real offers a variety of other milkshake flavors and fruit smoothies as well.