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New on Rutter’s Fountain

New on Rutter’s Fountain!

Rutter’s slushies just upped their game by adding the infamous Mtn. Dew to the lineup. You can now enjoy the frozen green goodness in any size; kids, regular, large, or extra-large. Whether you’re a puppy, a monkey, a baby (preferably an adult or even a teenager) a Mtn. Dew slushy is a great addition to any day.

Do you want to add a little kick to your Mtn. Dew flavor? Try adding a flavor shot of cherry or blue raspberry to the mix to create your own Dew flavor.

For a limited time only, and at specific locations, you can get your Mtn. Dew slushy for FREE when you purchase a basket meal.

Make sure to stop by your closest Rutter’s today to revel in your Mtn. Dew slushy goodness!