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500 More Lunch Options

We’ve added macaroni and cheese to our menu, and it could take customers quite a while to decide which version of it they like the best.

When all of the variations of toppings and meaty additions are tallied, we provide our customers with more than 500 combinations of the American favorite Mac and Cheese, 512 combinations to be exact.

Now you can choose from bacon, meatballs, hot dogs, sloppy joe, chili, steak, and taco meat (coming soon!) to add to the macaroni and cheese. In addition, you can add any or all of the extra toppings available including, sautéed onions, jalapeno peppers, black olives, marinara sauce and salsa.

Our Mac and Cheese comes in two sizes, the large dish as a main course, the small portion can be added as a side in a combo meal with a sandwich or to a kids’ meal.

Which way will you enjoy it first?