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The Patty Melt!

The patty melt, which is new to our menu, can probably best be described as what happens when you mix a grilled cheese sandwich with a delicious Rutter’s burger.

Choose your bread, cheese, toppings and condiments. Sautéed onions are included on each patty melt order. But as you probably already know by now, at Rutter’s, we’ll make it any way you want us to, so just de-select sautéed onions by tapping the button if onions aren’t your thing…

The sandwich is grilled then delivered to you hot and fresh by one of our friendly team members.

And just in case you wonder who you can thank for this stroke of culinary genius, it’s you!

One of our customers suggested we add the patty melt to our menu. We listened, and the Rutter’s patty melt was born. Tell us what you’d like to see since we read all of your suggestions and ideas and do our best to use as many as we can.

Keep those suggestions coming! You never know, you could see your idea on our menu soon!