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VIPs Grab Your December Offers Today

VIP’s Grab Your December Offers Today!

VIP’s, We have some great offers just for YOU!

VIP’s Grab Your December Offers Today! As a VIP club member you choose the offers you want and add them to your loyalty wallet!

  1. To add and view offers go to and click on the “VIP club icon” or Log in on the Rutter’s mobile app
  2. Log in using your 10 digit Phone Number ID and 4 digit Passcode.
  3. Click on “VIP Offers” then “Choose Your Offers” to select the offers you would like to add to your loyalty wallet or “View Offers” to see the offers in your loyalty wallet. / On Rutter’s mobile app click on Rewards then, VIP Club Offers, Choose Your Offers.
Once your offers are loaded to your loyalty wallet they are ready to use!

Simply purchase the item (s), scan your rewards card or enter your VIP information, and the item(s) will be discounted automatically, NO COUPONS NECESSARY!

Check back each month for NEW offers to load to your Loyalty Wallet!