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Rutter's vote with your dollars

Vote With Your Dollars

The Vote With Your Dollars program allows Rutter’s VIP Members to choose which local charity they will support through their purchases at any Rutter’s location. Every dollar an individual spends using their VIP account, either at the pump or inside the store, counts as a vote for the charity they have selected.
The more customers that choose your charity and shop with their Rutter’s Rewards card, the more money that charity will receive to fund their cause. At the end of the program, the organizations with the most votes will receive the funding for their project!

Registration for the 2022 contest is now closed.
The 2022 Vote With Your Dollars contest will run April 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022


To apply for the Vote With Your Dollars program, an organization must meet the following criteria:

  •  501(c)3 tax exempt business status required
  • Request must be used for a capital project, assets, or other large purchase; may not be used for operating expenses
  • Must be a local charity or local chapter of the national charity

To be a part of the Rutter’s Vote With Your Dollars Program use the button below to apply.


1. Log in to your VIP account here, or on the Rutter’s App
2. Select the Charity tab and Join Vote With Your Dollars.
3. Select your favorite charity from the list!
4. Use your VIP Card with every purchase at Rutter’s to help the charity reach their goal

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