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We’re Kicking It Up A Notch With Chef Coats

Beginning this month, we rolled out chef coats for all Restaurant Management, including Restaurant Managers, Assistant Restaurant Managers, Roving Restaurant Managers, and Roving Store Managers.

We are the first in our competitive footprint to introduce chef coats into our kitchens. For the restaurant management team, Rutter’s t-shirts are no longer part of the uniform. Instead, our employees are honored with wearing short sleeve or long sleeve chef coats.

“Rutter’s takes pride in not only our employees, but in our food options and restaurant focus. By upgrading to chef coats, we feel it differentiates us in the convenience store industry. It shows great professionalism and makes the statement that we offer the highest quality food options to our customers. It’s time to kick it up a notch!” said Ryan Krebs, Director of Food Service.

Chef coats have a great deal of significance and rich history in the restaurant industry and we have taken that meaning under profound consideration and believe our award-winning program follows suit. The Rutter’s chef coats are all black, feature the traditional double-breasted design and cloth buttons and are embroidered with our branding.

“We have always been about fresh food, high quality, and innovation. Chef Coats allow management leaders in food service to be easily recognized by customers. This aligns with restaurant like-mindedness and the expectation of excellence that our customers will recognize,” said Derek Gaskins, Chief Customer Officer.