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Rutter’s Gasoline

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All the benefits of Rutter's Gasoline, plus it helps...

• Restore Engines to “Like New” Performance

• Produce Cleaner Emissions

• Improve Fuel Economy


TOP TIER is a fuel performance standard written by auto manufacturers to assist in keeping the engine cleaner, thus resulting in improved customer experience. Since auto companies are not able to dictate fuel regulations or fuel standards, the TOP TIER logo serves as an indication of a station where the fuel marketer is supportive and offers the vehicle manufacturers’ request for higher standards in fuel. The ultimate goal of the program is satisfaction of our common customer – the vehicle owner.

No, TOP TIER will not address every fuel related issue. Such a requirement would not be possible.

Premium describes a grade of fuel intended for use in performance engines with higher compression ratios, which may be damaged when using lower octane grade fuel. TOP TIER™ fuel marketers, like Rutter’s, are required to use TOP TIER™ for all for all octane grades of gasoline sold at their stations. TOP TIER is a standard in fuel many automakers feel is necessary for acceptable engine cleanliness performance for all vehicles, regardless of octane requirements. All engines will benefit from a higher standard in cleanliness resulting in a vehicle performing as intended: noticeable in longevity, reduced down time, minimized emissions, and higher customer satisfaction.

Fuel delivery trucks usually have separate compartments allowing them to carry different fuels on the same load to various customers.

Retail outlets enrolled in the TOP TIER program are contractually committed to selling fuel that meets the TOP TIER standard. This means they are supplying fuel that contains an approved additive at the right concentration that does not contain other additives known to harm engines. In addition, TOP TIER licensed retailers are monitored for quality through unannounced random auditing. Please note that stations can enroll in the gasoline and diesel program separately, so look for the gasoline or diesel logo.

TOP TIER is a higher standard of fuel which can benefit all engines so you can feel confident using it in any vehicle. Please read for your owner’s manual to determine which grade your vehicle can use.

Some convenience stores do sell fuel brands that are TOP TIER licensed and meet the stringent TOP TIER specifications. You can find the list of TOP TIER gasoline on If the brand of gasoline or diesel on the signage or the dispensing pump is not on our brand list, the fuel is not licensed to be TOP TIER. 

Fuels with lower-quality additive packages can build up deposits on fuel injectors and on intake valves. Others can build up deposits in combustion chambers and may lead to intake valve sticking. These lower levels of additives can have negative impacts on engine performance and vehicle responsiveness.

Rutter’s offers a store locator on both our website and our app.

Using our store locator, you can see the store number, address, and phone number. If you click on a specific store, it will give you the price of fuel and all of the store features.

Having a cleaner engine is important because as residue builds up over time, it negatively impacts the fuel economy of your vehicle. Additionally, deposit buildup on intake valves and fuel injectors impacts your vehicle’s engine responsiveness and performance.

Rutter’s currently only offer Top Tier gasoline.

As a requirement of becoming TOP Tier certified, all stations in the chain must meet the TOP TIER additive standards for gasoline.

Because each vehicle is different, we cannot provide you with that information. However, to see the best results, it is recommended you only fill with TOP TIER gasoline.


It begins with gasoline that is produced by major domestic refineries. Next, the gasoline is supplemented with additives and detergents that contain agents that help prevent, diminish, and remove harmful engine deposits. Finally, a controlled environment and underground storage tanks with fuel-level monitors are used to guarantee Rutter’s gas is top quality. Rutter’s storage tanks also utilize sensitive electronic monitors and filters that continuously screen the gasoline’s condition and stop the stream if water or sediment is detected.

Because Rutter’s is committed to delivering superior gasoline that customers can rely on, Rutter’s guarantees effectiveness. If Rutter’s gasoline causes a problem, we’ll pay for the repair.


No Account Holds by Rutter’s.

Occasionally, our customers make inquiries about charges that appear on on-line banking or voice response systems that are not equal to the amount of gasoline that was purchased. These amounts can range between $25 and $150. These are usually called “Pending Charges” or “Pre-Authorization Holds” by financial institutions. These charges are applied to the account by the customer’s bank. Rutter’s does not place these types of holds on a customer’s account.

Rutter’s follows the guidelines laid out by the credit card companies, like Visa and MasterCard, by obtaining card validation information prior to turning on the gas pump. Each financial institution handles the request for card validations in a different manner. Some will “hold” funds for fuel purchases. The amount that each bank holds, as well as how long the hold lasts, varies depending on the banks. Your financial institution will be able to provide you with their policies, which are generally found in a document called “Deposit Account Agreement” or “Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement”. If the question is related to a credit card amount, the document may be called a “Truth in Lending” or a “Credit Account Agreement”.