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About Rutter's

The Oldest Vertically Integrated Food Company in the Country

The Rutter family has a long and rich agricultural heritage in York, Pennsylvania, dating back over 270 years. In fact, Rutter’s is the oldest vertically integrated food company in the country.

In 1747, the Rutter family farm was instituted in York and still operates to this day. Then in 1921, George and Bud Rutter started their own dairy, the Rutter Bros. Dairy, selling milk and other dairy products to the local area. Further expanding the business, the family’s 2nd generation founded Rutter’s convenience stores.

Today, Rutter’s continues to be headquartered in York, with its convenience stores, dairy and farm managed by the family’s 3rd and 4th generations. Rutter’s is recognized as an industry leader with the latest advancements in technology, sustainability, consumer marketing, and philanthropy. The Rutter’s culture is built on using the knowledge of where they have been, to plan the strategy of where they are going.

From our family to yours… Thank You!

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