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I Love Rutter’s Chocolate Milk!

Young and old residents of Central PA love a glass of Rutter’s chocolate milk and were happy to “share” the love in our recent contest.

Here’s what some of you had to say…

“Rutter’s chocolate milk is sooo yummy! My kiddos love it too.”

“I’m addicted to Rutters chocolate milk, that I buy 1/2 gallon, at least 5 days a week.”

“It’s the only chocolate milk my grandkids will drink because they think it comes from the Rutter’s chocolate dairy cows and they say… why go anywhere else?”

“Rutter’s is a great company! I love all their products. I also love the fact that they don’t use chemicals in their milk and they say so right on the label. Whenever I need milk I buy their product because I know they did a great job. Thank you!”

“Love Rutter’s chocolate milk after a good workout!”

“Still have my first stuffed cow from my kindergarten year from the Rutter’s tour, 11 years ago! Becoming a senior in high school this year, and always stop at Rutter’s every morning before school to get my chocolate milk!”

“Rutter chocolate milk is a great snack! When you don’t know what you want…it is quick, refreshing and full of nutrients. Our house can’t go without it.”

“Rutter’s chocolate milk, to me, is like coffee is to others. :-)”

“Rutter’s milk is awesome but chocolate is always a girl’s best friend… next to diamonds!!!”


“My daughter cannot live without your chocolate milk!! Every time we pass your processing plant she points at the brown cows and yells “Chocolate Cows!!!”

“Rutter’s chocolate milk is like your true one and only…oh so sweet and good….and you’ll never break up with it.”

Congratulations to all of our Winners in the “I Love Rutter’s Chocolate Milk” contest!

Amy B., Becky M. Beverly W., Bonnie M., Caroline E.,

Christine G., David S., Diana A., Don M., Donna M.,

Edward A., @jtvanwyk28, Jordan E., Ken R., Laura L.,

Lisa B., Lisa G., Lois S., Maggie B., Marcy R.,

Pamela M., Randy M., Robyn R., Sarah C., Bonnie

**All winners will be contacted by 6/28/2013.**