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Rutter’s Hot Dog Promotion

For a limited time, Rutter’s Rewards Card Members will receive an awesome deal on Rutter’s Hot Dog favorites! Get 2 Kunzler Hot Dogs or 2 Chicken Corn Dogs for only $2.00! You will even get 2 Kunzler Bacon-Wrapped Cheddar Dogs or 2 Sausages for just $4.00! Rutter’s Rewards Card Members will also receive 2¢ for every promotional deal they purchase. Get this deal now! It’s only good thru 4/29/18!


Load Up On Toppings!

Ahhh summer time. With summer comes some great summer food, like hot dogs! But plain ol’ dogs can get pretty boring. At Rutter’s, you can load up on toppings while ordering on our kiosks to change things up a bit! Best part? All toppings (excluding extra chili and meat) are absolutely free. From a chili cheese dog, to a dog loaded to the top of the bun with onions and peppers, you can unleash your inner chef and create a masterpiece. We look forward to making your culinary creation a reality!

Extravagant Hot Dot Deals for Everyone

For a limited time, we are rolling out something extravagant…the Hot Dog Extravaganza! Remember those Kunzler Bacon-Wrapped Cheddar Dogs that we unveiled back in October? You can now get two of them for just $4! The original Kunzler dogs are also included in the Extravaganza at only two for $2…talk about an affordable lunch! As if this deal couldn’t get any better, we are giving all Rewards and VIP card holders double rewards. That’s right, you get $0.02 cents off per gallon! I don’t know about you, but I’m heading to Rutter’s for lunch today.

Seeing Double?


Enjoy 2 Kunzler Hot Dogs for just $2! OR 2 1/3 pound Angus Beef Cheeseburgers for just $6!

All the toppings you want for free! Pile them high, just the way you like!

Earn 1 cent per gallon fuel savings on each item!

**Extra meat and cheese are additional.Single purchase at regular retail. Must use Rutter’s Rewards card. Includes regular hot dogs, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and patty melts. Discount taken at register.