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Real Mashed Potatoes at Rutter’s

Hungry for your favorite comfort food, mashed potatoes? Rutter’s now has them!

Our mashed potatoes are made with real potatoes not a powder or a mix. Make them a meal by topping with premium meats and fresh, simple ingredients.

Each bowl of our real mashed potatoes can be as unique as you. Add the mashed potatoes as a side dish, or select meats like bacon, turkey bacon, pastrami, corned beef, fried chicken, grilled chicken or Angus beef meatballs to move the mashed potatoes from the side of your plate to the center. You can add even more toppings like brown gravy, cheese, sour cream and fresh vegetables!

Our new loaded mashed potatoes come made to order in two convenient size—a single serving and a family size.

Looking for potatoes another way? Rutter’s has it!

  • French fries
  • Hash browns
  • Loaded potato skins
  • Cheese fry and cheesy hash brown wraps

Why Go Anywhere Else?