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New Year, New Coffee Deals (VIPs Get Triple Rewards)

Are you a fellow coffee addict? Then you will be excited to hear that from now until February 25th, any size coffee earns triple rewards! Also, in case you haven’t heard, we unveiling four seriously good new blends: Bogota Sunrise (single origin, sustainable medium roast), Buttered Rum Cake, European Dark Roast, and Natural Decaf.

Click here to find out more about these new coffee options!

How to Check your Rutter’s Rewards Card Balance

So, you’ve been buying a lot of in-store products that earn you cents back off gas. But how do you check how many points you have to spend? There are many ways to view your rewards balance! Below are two of the easiest ways to view your balance:

1. Check your receipt

  • One of the easiest ways to view your rewards balance is to check your receipt when purchasing items in our stores. When you scan your Rutter’s Rewards Card during checkout, your current rewards balance is listed at the bottom of your receipt. It shows you how much you earned for that visit.

2. Logging in

  • Another way you can check your balance is to log in at ruttersrewards.com or to log in through our mobile app! Once you log in with your Member Number and 4 digit passcode, you will see your rewards balance. If you don’t have a 4 digit passcode, that means you have not yet registered your card. If this is the case, simply hit the “Register” button!

VIP and Rutter’s Rewards…What’s the Difference?

If you’re a loyal Rutter’s customer you know the classic Rutter’s Rewards card discount: $.03 off per gallon every day on fuel and earn additional cents off per gallon by purchasing over 1,800 items throughout the store. Did you know that the VIP card is an upgraded version of the original Rewards Card? There are 3 huge advantages to the VIP card that will make you want to upgrade your card right now:

  • The freedom to go cardless in our stores and at our pumps…we can all do some card de-cluttering from our wallets.
  • Remember Me food ordering – we remember your last 12 orders at our food kiosks so you don’t have to.
  • Special, VIP-only offers and discounts AND the ability to choose which offers you add to your loyalty wallet. So, on top of the 1800+ items you normally earned cents off fuel with the Rewards Card, you now can get even more VIP exclusive items.

At this point you will probably be wondering how you can upgrade your Rewards Card to a VIP Card. Below are some step by step instructions so you can be one of our preferred customers too:

Current Registered Rutter’s Rewards Members

  1. Log In to Rutter’s Rewards and click on the “Join the VIP Club” icon.
  2. Choose to become a VIP and enter your 10 digit phone #. (We recommend using your mobile phone number.  Only one number can be used per account.)
  3. Your 4 digit PIN # will now be your 4 digit passcode. (If you are registered with an 8 digit pin, your 4 digit passcode is the first 4 digits. We recommend changing your PIN with more than 4 digits to a 4 digit passcode)

Want to become a VIP & Don’t Have a Rutter’s Rewards Card?

  1. Pick up a card at any Rutter’s store.
  2. Click here to enroll your card, Enter the member # and 3 digit security code located on the back of your card.
  3. Create a 4 digit passcode.
  4. Choose to become a VIP, enter your 10 digit phone #.

VIP Club members don’t need to carry a card to earn and redeem rewards, can take advantage of Remember Me feature at our food order kiosks, and receive special offers they choose to load into their loyalty wallet. 

So now you are an expert between the difference of the Rutter’s Rewards Card and the Rutter’s VIP card. The only question now is why are you not a VIP Card holder? Don’t forget to upgrade today and take advantage of these exclusive benefits!

How to View VIP Club Offers

1. From Rutter’s app home screen, click the “Rewards” tile in the upper right corner.

select charity

2. From this screen, scroll down and tap the light red tab that says “VIP Club Offers.” Inside this tab will be all the VIP offers already loaded on your card. There is no need to scan a coupon because when your Rutter’s card is scanned, or your VIP information is entered, your card will automatically trigger the discount.

2select charity

VIPs Don’t Forget Your October Offers

VIP’s Don’t Forget Your October Offers

Hey VIP’s

We have some great offers just for YOU!

As a VIP club member you choose the offers you want and add them to your loyalty wallet!

  • To add and view offers go to rutters.com and click on the “VIP club icon”.
  • Log in using your 10 digit Phone Number ID and 4 digit Passcode.
  • Click on “Available Offers” then “Choose Offers” to select the offers you would like to add to your loyalty wallet or “View Offers” to see the offers in your loyalty wallet.
Once your offers are loaded to your loyalty wallet they are ready to use!

Simply purchase the item (s), scan your rewards card or enter your VIP information, and the item(s) will be discounted automatically, NO COUPONS NECESSARY!

Check back each month for NEW offers to load to your Loyalty Wallet!

Buy 1 Large Espresso Bar Beverage Get 1 Free


Vitamin Waters 32 oz Buy1 Get1 Free

graphic-display-img (1)

$1 Off Loaded Mashed Potato’s

graphic-display-img (2)

Coke 20 oz Buy 1 Get 1 Free

graphic-display-img (3)

 Free 16 oz Sweet Leaf Teagraphic-display-img (4)

VIP’s Try Our NEW R’Sauce FREE!

VIP’s Try our NEW R’Sauce FREE!

To add and view offers go to rutters.com and click on the “VIP club icon”

Log in using your 10 digit Phone Number ID and 4 digit passcode.
Click on “Available Offers”

Then “Choose Offers” to select the offers you would like to add to your loyalty wallet or “View Offers” to see the offers in your loyalty wallet.


Log in to the Rutter’s mobile app and select “Rewards” then “VIP Club Offers” “Choose Your Offers”

**Offer valid for VIP’s only. Now through 8/8/2015

vip r sauce

We Remember Our VIP’s

VIP Club members can enter their Phone Number ID and Passcode into our food order kiosk, by pushing the Remember ME button, the food order kiosk will then show them the last 12 orders they’ve chosen to have remembered.

When you order using the Remember Me feature on our kiosk, you will not need to re-enter your VIP information at checkout, our system recognizes you as a VIP and will add any rewards or discounts to be applied to the transaction.

Remember Me is the definition of convenience and we are proud to be the first convenience store to bring this time-saving technology to you!

Join the Rutter’s VIP club today!